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(water as material)
art work, proposal for the New Opera House Oslo
closed competition, 2007, New Opera House, Bjørvika area, Oslo
National Foundation for Art in Public Buildings, Norway
with Alexander Stublic
2 basins connected with bend-proof pipes, diameter: 10m, 50cm deep/ high (Shipbuilding steel, d=10mm, sandblasted, zinced, epoxide resin, polyurethane), water or air chamber system for weight compensation, pump system, anchoring by using chain wheels with counterweights
LED light installation (waterproof, RGB, IP68, DMX), control unit for wind data/ controller on land

The installation focus upon the reality of the manmade world juxtaposed with nature: A circle is cutted out of water and the volume it creates is placed alongside onto the water’s surface.  The cut surfaces are formulated using a band of light, linked to the wind force, which is measured at the location. The real conditions to which nature is subjected therefore influence the appearance of the artistic construct. 
The use of water similar to that of solid building material contradicts its natural properties. It is this artificial treatment of the medium that draws attention to the qualities immanent to the material, which stand out on the surface: level evening, horizontality, surface composition and reflections.  


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