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data cloud

permanent, interactive LED-light-Installation

Bavarian State office for statistics and data processing, Fürth, 2017        
1st place invited competition 
client: Bauamt, Erlangen-Nuremberg
tech: LED tubes, motion detectors, control unit

A structure of light lines is suspended under the ceiling: branching out into space and forming a filigree light sculpture, that focuses the main entrance area and extends along the first staircase on to the ground floor.
When the space is vacant the structure gets into a „resting state“ with a constant slow movement of shade shifts and color gradients, creating a kind of „data cloud“, that receives the visitor and reacts to her or him. This reaction is represented by coloured light impulses, superimposing the basic movement of the „cloud“ and describe by random principle various interrelated and overlapping lines.
Due to the interaction, the visitor becomes a part of the system. 


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