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location Avedøre Power Station, Copenhagen
client part of LysLyd, sound and light
festival and took place on the occasion of the
UN Climate Conference (COP 15)
year 2009
conception Mader Stublic Wiermann
technic 8 video projectors, media control unit

In this project, the outer walls of the dominant power plant buildings of Avedøre 
Holme become part of a distributed video installation. To achieve this effect, two 
projections are displayed in line, creating a  contiguous video. The videos’ unusual size, 
combined with the building’s archetypal shape, work to achieve an architectonic dimension that both influences the surroundings and creates a sign that can be seen from great distance. The effect is enhanced by the video’s content, which creates a three-dimensional layer within the area. An additional expansion into the surrounding urban space is created by smaller mobile units, which distribute the sign throughout the area. Video content and wind The film consists of a tracking shot that moves through computer-generated spaces. The video is influenced by the wind, and depending on 
the wind’s force, the whole projection will at  times appear to detach from the film plane and “blow” in the wind. The projection surface and film plane are no longer congruent, and the video appears to become a fabric-like material on the building’s surface. The simulated spacialities are physically influenced by the natural power of wind. mobile units and waypoints. Several vans are modified to serve as mobile units that display a special video on their back side. These videos are synchronized with the big projections, creating the impression of a continuous space between them. The video shows the same basic-content, but from the van’s perspective. This can be experienced at several waypoints, where the mobile units position themselves in choreographed relation 
to the big projections, thus creating a representation that uses the suburb as a stage. 
The media-architecture becomes tangible.


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