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flowing space

video projection with sound
17.09.-19.09.2010, townhall, Mülheim a.d. Ruhr
light art festival „Ruhrlights: Twilight zone“, European Capital of Culture, RUHR.2010
curator: Söke Dinkla
sound by Thomas A. Troge
with Alexander Stublic
2 video projektors, media control unit, sound system 

In front of the town hall a broad stepped venue, conveys between building and surroundings. The aspect of the spacial “flow” is to be underlined and thus it’s connecting character. For that purpose the phenomenon water is used as an ironic citation: the overused cliché and the strict pathetic side of the architecture mix each other in a strange symbiosis.
Water in different qualities, stream velocities, amounts and directions flows – in relation to the architecture – via a video projection over the real place. Organized in a cascading order the projected parts are joined to an entire historicized complex, which uses the link to the cultural use of the town hall to raise in an ironical manner questions about the presence and content of real spaces and cultural spaces nowadays.

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